• Growth without investment?
  • More structure, less overhead, reliable & predictable execution
  • The customer is key, not the project
  • What is the true loading of my organization???
  • Bottom-up, true employee ownership


  • Not enough work will underload your people!
  • Too much work ┬ácauses waiting time longer projects and demand for priorities (congestion)
  • Where are we? People either are overloaded or say yes
  • Consequences: unclear priorities, not enough staff for the work, longer projects, even more work
  • How do we break this vicious cycle?


  • FLOW!
  • Real-time priorities, good preparation
  • Stable planning & execution
  • Early indication where work is queueing


  • Top-down / Bottom-up implementation
  • Solid investigation and advice
  • No risc: payment only when results start to come in
  • Simple four step implementation approach: